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Neurotransmitters in neuronal plasticity and psychiatric disorders : proceedings of the Tenth Workshop on Neurotransmitters and Diseases, Tokyo, June 5, 1993 / editor, Michio Toru ; organizing committee, Ichiro Kanazawa ... [et al.]

(International congress series;no. 1061)
データ種別 図書
書誌ID 2000059078
ISBN 0444818065
出版者 [Amsterdam] : Excerpta Medica
本文言語 英語
大きさ vii, 103 p. : ill. ; 25 cm


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WL/102/NEU 50085126


著者標目 融, 道男
*Workshop on Neurotransmitters and Diseases (10th : 1993 : Tokyo, Japan)
件 名 MESH:Neuronal Plasticity -- physiology -- congresses
MESH:Mental Disorders -- congesses
MESH:Neuroregulators -- congresses
NCID BA22941028


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    Plasticity of the neuromuscular system
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